The Job Im Posting Does Not Accept 2.2 Graduates

Unfortunately we only advertise jobs that a 2.2 Graduate is applicable for.

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Why is the website not letting me apply for jobs?

In order to apply for jobs, you have to sign up. 

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How long do job postings last?

Job postings last 30 days from the date of posting.

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How can I get full access to the 2.2 members page?

You’ll need a what2dowitha22  account! If you do not have an account, create a brand new what2dowitha22 account by clicking “Sign Up” on our front page, and selecting “I’m looking for a job” Once you’ve set up your account, head back to the job board and start searching! You can apply for as many roles as you like!

If you have an account already and are having trouble logging in/gaining access to your account, email contact@what2dowitha22.com

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I’m having trouble signing in?

Clear your browsing history and try logging in again using your sign in details.

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How do i become a member?

We have made our sign up process as simple and easy as possible, all you have to do is click on ‘send your CV’ and fill out the information required. 

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How can I get help?

If you would like to contact us as by email a job board you can follow our contact us page and send any questions you may have.

For technical assistance and general site feedback, send an e-mail do contact@what2dowitha22.com.

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