Myths About…. IT- Part 1

Myths About…. IT


Whatever industry you manage to blag your way into, you will find there is a massive gap between expectations and reality. In this series we aim to debunk some of the myths. You might get ‘taken in’ by the industry but at least you’ll have your eyes wide open.

I wish someone had told me about the reality gaps in the IT industry. As a gullible simpleton, I fell for every one.


There are too many to itemise in full, so I’ve broken them into a few broad categories.


Fallacy 1. This is a Logical Industry

 Nothing makes sense in the IT industry. There are more logical about turns than Alice discovered in Wonderland.

You will hear the word ‘innovation’ endlessly, witlessly, repeated. The fact that everyone clings to the same cliche proves they are anything but inventive.

This is supposed to be a bold crestive industry, but many of its employees are the most insecure, copycat yes men you will find anywhere. For 20 years the intro to every corporate film has been the same: a one minute montage of time lapsed photography showing clouds sweeping across the sky, day changing to night and a big city lighting up. Then come the words: “the world is changing”. Oh no it isn’t matey. Not in the world of IT marketing.


Every buzzword seems to have an opposite meaning to its conventional English use.

Take the phrase ‘platform agnostic’, which is a phrase companies use to praise themselves. Logically, you’d think that someone who isn’t sure they believe in the existence of computers (the literal meaning) is in the wrong job. What they really mean by agnostic is that they will work with everything. So they obviously don’t understand the meaning of the word, which is a tragic failure in the ‘knowledge’ industry.


Whenever you hear the word ‘empowered’ it’s usually applied to someone who is, in reality, being cyberbullied. For example, ‘customer relationship management’ systems are a misnomer. If there is a relationship between a shopper and a retail giant, it’s like that between a victim and a sex pest. The fact that you bought an item from this ogre doesnt mean you are ‘in a relationship’. These databases would more accurately be described as ‘customer stalking systems’, because once you give a big company your details, they will never ever leave you alone. And they will sell your information to some even nastier, creepier people too!


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