What do recruiters look for in a graduate?

What do recruiters look for in a graduate?


Essentially recruiters are not looking for graduates with years of experience, when would you have had the time? Course you get the odd student who took their summer holidays to work as interns or people who worked part time roles whilst studying. But this isn’t what has to be done, trust me, they are just exceptions.  


You just have to be ambitious, you have to be motivated and you have to be willing to put yourself out there to find the right role.


The 21st century has seen the working world and the working environment change dramatically. Gone are the days when you would be glued to your desk till the early hours of the next day to prove you were a loyal and hardworking individual. Today’s working culture is more about working smart rather than working hard. Managers are looking for candidates with that spark, the want, need and desire to do well in the next challenge and chapter of their lives.




You need to get to that point, and that typically comes through being in touch with recruiters. So, how do you impress a recruiter? How do you get a recruiter to have ultimate faith in you, to make it their mission to get you that dream job that will basically impact the rest of your working career.


  1. Take time and put some effort into your CV, true, there is not going to be much content on there so every word is going to be judged and looked upon. Make sure everything is spelt right, make sure that the writing is all in the same size font, make sure there are not random bold, underlined, italic words and make sure what you are writing makes sense.
  2.  Show that you are commited. It is so important to show that you want to help yourself as much as your recruiter wants to help you. Go in and meet with your recruiter, show that you have planned out what you are looking for in your next role and you have done your research. If you want them to help you, then you need to help yourself first.
  3. Find a good recruiter and use them exclusively. Make sure you do your research, ask your friends who they used, have a look on LinkedIn – look at recommendations, look at their background and then choose one. Having just one recruiter and letting them know that you are working with only them – will mean that they can see your commitment and they will put all commitment in you. By using only one recruiter you can control where and who your CV goes to and make sure that no duplicates of your profile are ever presented.
  4. Do what you say you are going to do. If you do the above and show that you are committed make sure you stick through this throughout the process. If your recruiter has arranged an interview for you attend it, be honest and transparent about what you want.

These are the core things that recruiters look for…. Follow this step and have this attitude and you will get the right 2.2. job




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