How we can help 2.2 Graduates get employed

Hello! We are what2dowitha22, the first ever job board that focuses entirely on 2.2 graduates. Our website serves as a platform to connect 2.2 applicants with potential employers. Majority of students aim for a 2.1 degree or higher.


However, many fall slightly short and achieve a 2.2. This makes job application a lot more difficult as many employers require 2.1 candidates and above. So what happens to 2.2 candidates? When you apply for multiple jobs online, you usually get no response, no feedback –sometimes not even a call!


You begin to lose confidence in your ability to secure employment and doubt if your degree is good enough. By taking a look at multiple articles and forums posted online, you realize that there are a lot of 2.2 graduates with the same dilemma.


We know because we’ve been there! Don’t worry, what2dowitha22 will make things happen for you! We aim to assist 2.2 graduates like you in your job search during the difficult post-university stages as we are aware that many employers will be interested in hiring you. Be a part of something new!


All you have to do is become a 2.2 member by signing up at, apply and get hired!


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